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Raspberry Pi two day workshop at Tenet Technetronics

Fri May 27, 2016 10:47 am

Dear everyone,

Raspberry Pi is the hottest low cost computing platform which enables you to create interesting applications with basic programming languages. It is very popular among makers and hobbyists, who see the Raspberry Pi as a cheap way of accessing a relatively large amount of compute power.
In the upcoming week, we are going to organize the two day workshop on Raspberry Pi at our firm. In this workshop we teach you the Raspberry Pi and Python programming for interacting Raspberry Pi to the outside the world .We cover all the things in four session.
Session 1:
• Introduction to Raspberry Pi
• Projects in Raspberry Pi
• Raspberry Pi Hardware
• Linux fundamentals
• Various Distributions available on Raspberry Pi
• Getting distributions for Raspberry Pi on a SD card and booting Pi
• Configuring Pi to get start with:
o Expanding file system
o Changing keyboard layout
Session 2:
• Getting started with python and python first code
• Raspberry Pi GPIO’s and peripherals:
o Blinking an LED
o LED flash
• Controlling LED using GUI
• Digital Sensor input
o IR sensor
o Pushbutton
Session 3:
• Interfacing DC motor
• H-bridge logic(L293D)
• Working principle of DC motor
• Introduction to ADC MCP3008
• Analog sensor input to Pi
o Temperature sensor
o Acceleration sensor
o Potentiometer
Session 4:
• Basic C programming
• Hello world program
o LED control program
o Compiling a C code in Raspberry Pi
• Demo session
o Remote desktop access using VNC server
o Camera interfacing using webcam
o Making the Raspberry Pi to speak
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For more information contact us at [email protected],,9900025020

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