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RasPlex and RetroPie questions

Fri May 06, 2016 11:29 am


I've just bought my first Raspberry pi (got the 3) with the intention of turning it into a Plex machine. I already have Plex media server running on my Synology NAS streaming to ipads and other devices. I had been using a Chromecast to play on the tv, with plex on an ipad, but it's getting on my nerves, so want to try something else.

I thought Raspberry pi with Plex, a FLIRC IR sensor and good to go, but then I saw that you can use a pi as a classic games emulator as well and got quite excited. I'm thinking of using the pi to do both as it will be hooked up to the TV, but have a couple of questions.

I've read that RasPlex and RetroPie don't play nicely with each other, but there is a version of XBMC and retroPie that does. Could I use the Plex plugin for xbmc and retropie together easily, bearing in mind I already have plex libraries and so on. I don't really want to have to change how my NAS is setup if I can help out.

Is there a step by step guide anywhere on how to set this up, as it's my first Pi project.


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