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I a 70, Just retired from an Electrical business. I know electricity well and PLC ladder logic pretty well
I do not know computers too well other than Windows stuff and I don't know much about electronics.

Here is the hard part....... I know nothing about a BLOG...... Never used one. Never saw a need........ Too busy being busy
Thank you in advance for any suggestions on using BLOG.. What type or style of RP kit to get and on and on.

I am handy with my hands. I have five grand sons that I would like to ease into this stuff if possible. I have the time and the motivation to keep busy. I just retired at 70 ... they made me do it. But is ok..............
Thank you very much
Houston, Texas

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Re: I NE

Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:36 pm

Your post title seems to have gone wrong :)

As for getting Raspberry Pi kit, do you have any spare stuff lying around? Buy a Raspbery Pi 2, that is the most powerful one and gives reasonably good performance at web-based things. You should get a case to prevent it shorting out on a metal surface. You need a power supply; most recent phone chargers will do, but check if it supplies 5V / 2A and has a microUSB plug (Apple ones have a 'funny' plug that won't fit). You also need an internet connection; not strictly true but it is quite difficult to install and upgrade without one. You can use a cabled ethernet connection best, but it does work with WiFi.

Initially you might need a HDMI connection to a TV and a simple USB keyboard and mouse (use spare ones if you have them), but if you have an existing PC or laptop you can connect remotely from those and don't need the TV, keyboard and mouse.

Finally you need a microSD card: the Pi will not boot without one that has the Operating System on it. Raspbian is the best bet, as there is a lot of support for it, but others are available. You can buy a preinstalled card from several places

There are Pi kits available to buy. I suggest checking the price against what I have listed above to see if it is worth the price of the kit.

It would be good if you could post back to let us know any further questions, and how far you get. You will need some more instructions in a bit.

(I don't know much about blogs, do I assume you don't have a computer, which is why you want a Pi?)

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