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PI Home Surveillance

Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:10 am

Hi guys,

I am new here, with a Raspberry Project in mind. Currently I only own 1x Raspberry Pi 2, but intend to buy another one (please read MY PROJECT as to why). NOTE: I am a newbie with Pi.

I am looking for a good guide on how to setup a Surveilance environment with Raspberry Pi for my Home, which would detect motion and the camera would take one picture and save it on my Raspberry Pi Server. After each 24 hours, the saved images should be sent to my Dropbox and be deleted from the Pi Server.
I would also like to configure some sort of an Android App that would notify me of new Picture taken (it does not necessarily need to send me the picture, but just a notification on my phone).

Yes, indeed, it is easiest to say "Google this" and "Search that". But I could not find everything suitable for my case.

What I have found:
- A good motion detection guide for Raspberry PI: It takes a picture with webcam when detected motion (
- A guide for Android app to recieve Push notifications

What I have not found:
- A Guide to setup a SIMPLE Raspberry Server: I only found some Ultimate Home Servers, with user control supporting multiple users, etc. I do not need that. I just want one user (admin) and a file on server where the images would be then stored (sent to).
- A Guide / API how to send from one Raspberry Pi to another Raspberry Pi (Server) saved images
- A Guide / API how to send after 24 hours (or X time slot), all the images saved on the Pi Server to my Dropbox Account and then automaticly delete them afterwards from Pi Server

Is the above maybe possible to do with a single Raspberry Pi (so no need for additional to run a simple server on it)?

I would kindly like to ask for your help on the guides that I have not found - if maybe you did something similar and can share it here ? OR if you did find a guide which I seek for my example ?

Many thanks in advance!


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Re: PI Home Surveillance

Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:09 pm

You can definitely do all of this on a single networked Raspberry Pi running raspbian.

You could try adapting some of the steps in this guide to automatically upload images to Dropbox:
https://thebrickinthesky.wordpress.com/ ... amerashot/

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Re: PI Home Surveillance

Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:04 pm

Hi, pretty much all you need is a bash script for dropbox (google this) that you run via crontab (google).
And you are right, you don't need another pi as server.

If you are interested, take a look (actually your post motivated me to write a summary about my project viewtopic.php?p=825075#p825075)

Best regards, JKW

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Re: PI Home Surveillance

Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:17 am

Hi I am just wondering I am looking to do sort of the same but no camera, (just a gpio input from sensor to then send a notification to my phone), Did you ever get yours to work? and where you said you had - A guide for Android app to recieve Push notifications. Is this open source and where can I find it?


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Re: PI Home Surveillance

Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:32 am

I just started a job at a big security company and i thought about this project as well

if i was to set it up, when motion is detected on a sensitive area i would snap the picture and email a notification in a loop and have that on standby, more then 3 alerts within 5 minutes i would like a email and push notification to my phone. if i had multiple cameras i may alter the alert conditions depending on the location.
- sound detector, high pitch noises like glass breaking would make an alert and take a picture. some sounds may give false positives so there would need to be some testing on this feature.
- if a picture was taken and there is only an upload every 24 hours an intruder could break in and take the cameras therefor take the evidence and you would only have a notification, each snap should be instantly uploaded off site or at least a copy kept local and off site for best practice.
- magnets on doors and windows could be effective, if an alarm is active and the connection is broken that could be a notification.
also how would you manage turning off and on this system? or Arm the system?
- another script for disk management alert, check space every hour and email at 80%
- if you wanted to add web management then i would have a master server running apache and each notification can make a mysql entry which by connecting to the server you can view the logs from outside and photos
-- request manual snap shot via web admin that activates a snap script and then it is logged.

i am half tempted to build this myself this sounds like fun lol
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Re: PI Home Surveillance

Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:36 am

oh and also each Pi should have a power failsafe, if the power goes out then it should revert to a battery backup.

So get a power bank that has a incoming and outgoing usb port so you constantly power the battery pack and then the Pi is powered by the battery pack. if the power cuts out you will have at least 4-6 hours of battery which should cover most situations but you may not get uploaded data unless you can write any failed upload retries every 10 minutes.
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