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Raspberry Pi 2 B speed and OS

Fri Jun 05, 2015 3:52 am

I have been trying different OSs on my Raspberry Pi2 B. I have found that the Ubuntu Mate 15.04 OS seems to be running faster and software is more responsive than when I have Raspbian installed. I particularly notice a big difference between Firefox on Ubuntu and the Raspbian supplied browser or Ice Weasel. I have not overclocked the RaspPi2. Is this because Ubuntu uses the hardware of the RaspPi 2 better than Raspian does? Or is it just that Ubuntu's Firefox and software are better versions than say Ice Weasel?

Is there a way to make Raspbian more responsive? Would over clocking help speed it up? Compared to Ubuntu Mate, Raspbian seems to lag. I like Raspbian and would have not noticed had I not tried Ubuntu on the RaspPi2.


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