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web page videos?

Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:48 pm

curious,, i got a pi back when they first came out.. Now i have to the new pi2 with the quad core.. I used Noobs to set up my card this time so i installed Raspbian and OpenElec on this one.. Raspbian really preforms so much better now with the full gig of ram and the quad core.. anyway this may be a very silly question, but has any body perfected a way to play a web page video yet say like from a site such at http://www.hulu.com or anything? I do have 3 browsers,,, the out of the box version it comes with and i installed midori and iceweasel.. I also downloaded and installed "amarok" and that automatically pulled in vlc player for me. I did install "gnash and the gnash browser plugin.. I can play video from you tube so this is why i may be silly on my question for I knew gnash browser plugin would pick that up ok.. Now as for the 2 codecs offered from the pi store http://www.raspberrypi.com/license-keys/ do we need these for anything pertatining to wat I am asking? I do not know much about the html5 video format I have read about.. OMX player is automatically installed also.. My main goal is to be able to watch our local news cast on the pi thru their web page on the pi if possible but as I said only thing i can view is youtube.. Now for OpenElec with KODI,, it works GREAT! Hope someone has a hack on this video issue on a web page.

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