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Re: Some cool things you could do with Rpi B

Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:25 pm

We at 00laboratories also made some plans for Raspberry Pi B!

Most of these ideas are based on a wireless power source, for example a $3.97

USB DC-DC Converter 3V to 5V 1A

Sounds good when only utilizing 2 AA batteries.


[warning] No battery solution is yet perfect and can harm your RPi!

Wifi hunt

Perhaps using a device as simple as this, it would be possible to connect a WiFi dongle to RPi, then we make it scan for unprotected WiFi networks in your jacket, the moment however it detects one it will BEEP! Using a simple speaker, the rest of the network information can be logged to a text file on the SD card, now driving your bike is exciting again!

Camcorder troubles

Aww there you are, interviewing the Raspberry Pi crew using your trusty camcorder but you run out of storage space! Lucky for you there is RPi! You quickly connect your camcorder to it using USB, and dump the video to a USB drive, you wait until the USB indicator LED is idle, and you can continue recording!

Screen problems

You are in the middle of nowhere and want to hack the ATM machine at the bank ( that's what this project is all about right? Teaching children to hack ATM machines and giving them cheap hardware for it ), but you don't have a screen!

No worries, you can use a USB numpad to solve your problems! When the system is idle, the scroll lock LED will be on, then you can type in numeric combinations, or pretend it's a phone keyboard where pressing 1 twice means 'b' to start specific procedures, on user error, the scroll lock LED will flash, while the procedure is running, Num Lock will be on, on Application error, Num Lock will flash until the user presses enter again! Now you can be extra secret!

Money issues

There you are wanting a web-server, but your parents don't want the PC on all night because that's way to expensive "and serves no purpose", well don't listen! Using RPi you could build a take-over web-server, it can be a primitive mirror of the actual server you have running in daytime, hide it under your pillow while you sleep, no one will know you have an Apache Web-server running! ( it would be possible to have an external hard-drive connected (or shared between computers) for lots of storage space )

And a thank-you to the Raspberry Pi team, I cannot wait to have one myself, I will take good care of it and share lots of software for it.


henry00³ ( de Jongh )

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