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NetBSD8.0: 2018-07-22-netbsd8.0-raspi-earmv6hf.img

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:53 am
by ebijun
I've updated 2018-07-22-netbsd8.0-raspi-earmv6hf.img for RPI. ... 6hf.img.gz

automatic resize partition: see /etc/rc.conf
1. copy image to SD/MicroSD
2. Boot
3. Calculate and resize ld0 partition and automatic reboot
4. after the reboot,root partition fit for your card.

RPI: ... etBSD8/RPI
RPI0: ... tBSD8/RPI0
RPI2: ... tBSD8/RPI2
RPI2-1.2: ... 8/RPI2-1.2
RPI3: ... tBSD8/RPI3
RPI3B+: Ethernet Interface not available ... 8/RPI3B%2B


- NetBSD-8.0-201807192040Z evbarm-earmv6hf rpi.img from nyftp.
- pkgsrc: 2018Q2 pre-installed on /usr/pkgsrc.

Pre-compiled packages:
- Pre-compiled packages path setting: see /etc/pkg_install.conf
PKG_PATH= ... 0/earmv6hf

I'll make test packages with this image: ... /earmv6hf/

To install application.
# pkg_add some_application_name

If you update pkgsrc by yourself,comment out /etc/pkg_install.conf and check


- NetBSD 8.0 earmv6hf rpi.img.gz base
- Connect HDMI,USB Keyboard,USB Mouse,Ether(dhcpd and ntpd will work)
- login root (no passwd)

- fit size for 4GB SD Card
- Newer firmware for RPI3B+
- with X11

Installed Packages:

To control HDMI output,add/delete "console=fb" on cmdline.txt.
If delete console=fb definition,you can get serial console instead.
rpi$ more /boot/cmdline.txt
root=ld0a console=fb

Keyboard layout checkpoint:
#encoding sv
#encoding us.swapctrlcaps
encoding jp

setxkbmap -model jp106 jp

Build sample script: ... mage/Image

Guide: ... de/RPI.rst

Jun Ebihara