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HOWTO: FreeBSD 10.1 on A+

Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:21 am

Hello All,
I have successfully gotten FreeBSD to boot repeatedly and stably on an A+.
The following tweaks were made
in config.txt, enable hdmi safe mode; ie add

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Additionally, the A+ intermittently hangs when it tries to mount root on some SD Cards. If you are running into this, you need to disable high speed SDHC. Create a new file /boot/loader.conf and add the following line

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I have an issue with blinking the LED. On my "B" board, the following code works to blink the on-board ACT LED by toggling GPIO 16

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gpioctl -f /dev/gpioc0 -t 16
But it does not work on the A+ board. I understand that the ACT LED on the B+ has been changed. Does anyone know what the new ACT LED GPIO pin is on the A+?

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