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IndieCity is dead

Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:36 am

Should clear up some confusion :
I know this has been expected for a while, so it’s probably no surprise to most of you, but we’re finally closing IndieCity.

When we bought IndieCity (after Blitz Games went under) we were full of plans to open source it and make it properly community owned and run, with community shares to divide out the profits among those who worked on the site. Sadly it turns out that running a company takes a lot of time, and more than that, taking over a company involves a lot of chasing up people for information, etc.

With all that in mind, plus the fact that we’re super busy and only took this on as a hobby project alongside our full time work, it’s with sadness that we’re having to give up and go home. However, all is not lost! When we started IndieCity back in 2010 it was to give indie developers a place to sell their games without losing ownership of their work, and since then several sites have come along that do just that.

We highly recommend - it’s a really great site, and does a lot of what we were hoping to do with IndieCity in terms of letting developers sell their games however they want. It’s in active development and the guy who built it seems really passionate about doing his best for the indie community. If you are a developer and currently only have your game on IndieCity, that’s where I’d recommend you start.

The Pi Store is also going to continue to run, so if you’re a Pi developer don’t fret!

Thank you all for a good 5 years, and sorry we didn’t manage to do what we had hoped to do with IndieCity. <3

Er00 and ChrisSwan

PS. Developers – you will still be able to access your developer area through the Pi Store. Requesting money through the site will fail, but if you email [email protected] with a subject line of “payment request” then I will manually pay you.

PPS. Gamers – you will still be able to play your games through the IndieCity client.
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