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Reading temp using MCP3800

Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:19 am

I am trying to write a Java (SE 7 Embedded u10) program that reads temperature from a Analog Temp Sensor TMP36 ( using a MCP3800 ADC (

In order to read analog data I need to use the following pins I think (outside of GND 3.3V):
  • DOUT (Data Out from MCP3008)
    CLK (Clock pin)
    DIN (Data In from Raspberry Pi),
    CS (Chip Select).
I've connected the MCP3800 like this:
  • VDD -> 3.3V
    VREF -> 3.3V
    AGND -> GND
    CLK -> #18
    DOUT -> #23
    DIN -> #24
    CS -> #25
    DGND -> GND
My thought is to have the
  • Pin #18 (CLK) as a GPIO Out Pin
    Pin #23 (DOUT) as a GPIO In Pin
    Pin #24 (DIN) as a GPIO Out Pin
    Pin #25 (CS) as a GPIO Out Pin
and the TM36 like this:
  • pin1 -> 3.3V
    pin2: analog out --> channel0 on mcp3008 (pin1)
    pin3: GND
And I am struggling (not sure what I am doing) but I would guess that I need to access the GPIO ports using,RandomAccessFile (or java.nio.FIle) but I am short of knowledge on how to accomplish this. I am pretty sure part of my failure is that I am not sure I understand the Pi and the GPIO ports in full yet.

I have googled and binged around but can't fins any examples, so maybe someone on this forum has an idea on how to get me started?


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Re: Reading temp using MCP3800

Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:46 am

Hi Andy,

I don't have an example on hand, but I would suggest using a library such as Pi4J that provides access to the SPI communication bus. ... i/

(This class is a JNI wrapper around the SPI implementation in the WiringPi native library)

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Re: Reading temp using MCP3800

Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:13 pm

Hi Andy,
Not sure it is not too late, but just in case, I did something similar. It's not with a thermometer, it's with a potentiometer.
The Java source is available at, the doc at

- Olivier

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