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Remote Java ARM debugging with FX-GUI

Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:19 am

I conncected my Raspberry Pi3 to Netbeans/IntelliJIDEA.

I can start a normal Java Application with the pi4J Libary without any problems. The Leds are blinking ....

When i start a Java FX application with a remote simulation, the window doen't open on raspberry pi.

Netbeans and IntelliJIDEA runs without an error.

When i build a .jar File and run the file over the raspberry-console, the FX-window opens and it runs without any problems.

What is issue when the remote connection between Raspberry Pi an Netbeans/IntelliJIDEA doens't open the the fx-window??

P.S. I have installed the newest Java 8 and the JavaFX Embedded SDK from Gulon.

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