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Missing content from the downloaded FreeTTS package

Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:26 pm

My RPi 3B is updated to Stretch, and I recently downloaded the FreeTTS speech synthesis package using:
apt-get install freetts

Afterwards, I found that the /usr/share/doc/freetts/ directory contains javadocs for the com/sun/speech/freetts/jsapi package, but the /usr/share/java/ directory does NOT contain sn 8/6/2010 version of freetts-jsapi10.jar . Therefore, there are no java .class files for the classes in the freetts/jsapi package.

SourceForge provides a 2009 download of FreeTTS 1.2.2 which does contain a 2009 version of the freetts-jsapi10.jar file.

1. Should I expect this 2009 .jar to work with the 2010 jars downloaded by Raspbian?
2. What has to happen to correct the FreeTTS package that Raspbian offers?
3. When can we expect this correction to be made?

Thank you

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Re: Missing content from the downloaded FreeTTS package

Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:47 am

No need to correct anything; BSD only licenses its stuff under its BCL licence (BInary Code Licence); you have to extract/unpack the jsapi.jar code yourself by running the archive in the lib directory. Also see the second paragraph of this link:

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