Java FX on non-console LCD

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by mwrich4 » Sat May 13, 2017 6:30 pm
I've developed using windows and most recently C/Asm on an embedded system using an LCD display with touchscreen.

I thought it would be an enlightening experience to add an LCD screen to a raspberry Pi and use Java to create a small interface to serve as my 'Hello World' experience for this platform.

My LCD is one of the many 3.5 320x480 SPI models like the Waveshare model (which I discovered later). I have successfully tested my panels using the Adafruit tutorial and helps for having the system boot with the console on the LCD. However, I want to leave the console in its default configuration and use the LCD as an extension to the base system. Eventually, this would become a foundation for various embedded/headless ideas I might have.

After many frustrating hours searching the RaspPi forums and google, I was surprised to not find any postings from anyone else trying this configuration. Also, I couldn't find a cohesive howto for installing Java with JavaFX including setting up a development environment. I have installed Java with JavaFX using the distro from ChrisWhoCodes. Eventually, I also got a clean compile with some test code.

My next step, I believe, is to set up a system that uses the LCD as a console, revert the console to the HDMI. This way I know I have the SPD/LCD driver installed, which is something I haven't been able to find out how to do without someone else's predefined script. Then install Java with JavaFX, and then again try some small test code. Writing to the lcd, just a circle or hello world would be a great start.

I'd appreciate any directions for finding my way to this goal.

As I progress, I start each investigation with a clean Raspbian image, fully updated, including any niceties like my favorite browser, VNC configuration, remote shell and other settings preconfigured. I hope to eventually produce a guide to share.

Thanks in advance,
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