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XBMC+Gaming/emulators+Web Browser - in Kiosk sorta mode?

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:59 am
by Takenover83
I would like to launch into XBMC by default, then have a shortcut to open EmulationStation/Retroarch and a Web Browser and vice versa from each app. If the web browser is closed, then return to default (XBMC). Not sure what OS to to use, but I would like for it to be lean. I have seen a couple video's on youtube where a couple people have had similar idea's, but I did not see any images for download? None the less here are the links to give you a better idea.

The Ultimate Entertainment Raspberry Pi
I linked you to the part where he explains what he wants/how it works, but feel free to watch the whole thing if ya want.

The Ultimate Raspian
There is also a website (in spanish) here.

I really don't need a full OS, such as rasbian. If I could get one of the other more streamlined XBMC OS's, such as Xbian/openelec to run the emulator's and a web browser, and have a friendly way of switching between everything I would be happy. In a kiosk sorta mode I guess? So my children, or anyone else would have no problems switching between the 3.

Any idea's? Maybe something out there I have failed to find? Thanks for taking the time to read, even if you can offer no help.

Re: XBMC+Gaming/emulators+Web Browser - in Kiosk sorta mode?

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:54 pm
by Oakham
Probably look at Arch, it is a command line Linux Distro, so it feasible not to have the full desktop environment and run the software you wish from the command line.

The list of available ARMv6 packages are here:

It is also feasible to install software from source, if will run on ARMv6

Web Browser in Kiosk Mode has been discussed in these forums frequently.