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Technic Launcher on Raspberry 3b

Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:45 am

I am fairly recent to working with my raspberry pi. I found a way install the Technic Launcher (A Minecraft ModPack Launcher) and have it run, however games could not be played. I wanted to see if someone could offer a solution to how I can run the games. First, I’ll give a bit on installing it, and then more on the issue at the end.

Installing Technic Launcher

The first step in installing the Launcher is to go to: Then download the Linux version to your raspberry pi.

Next, open the command terminal, and use java to open the jar file.

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java -jar /home/pi/Downloads/TechnicLauncher.jar
or substitute the path for your custom Download path.

This should open the Launcher. Log in with your Mojang account, and it should work.

Now onto the issues.

For example, I wanted to play the Tekxit Mod. I clicked on modpacks, searched for tekxit, hit install, and it installed flawlessly. However, upon pressing play, the game closes and an error page pops up.

This Error page states: “The Game will not start due to insufficient memory...the minimum amount you can play with is 2.5 GB...If you are seeing this, please install 64bit java, then change your settings”

Is there a way to increase memory, or could someone show me how to install such version of java?

I hope if your fixes work then we might be able to see a working version of ‘minecraft’ or such on raspberry pi.

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Re: Technic Launcher on Raspberry 3b

Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:34 pm

To install 64-bit Java you'll first need a 64-bit OS such as Gentoo or Manjaro. Raspbian comes only with a 32-bit kernel.

The error could be signaling an issue with the 1 GB RAM limitation on your Pi more so than being 32-bit. If so, you could stick with Raspbian32 and try increasing your swap space followed by specifying higher -Xms, -Xmx limits. The error could also be caused by something else entirely and just have a misleading text message.

Note that launchers like this won't take care of downloading the appropriate native binaries to run Minecraft Java Edition on a Pi. For that you should follow some other tutorial.

Once you have Minecraft running possibly using the standard launcher, at that point you could still benefit from Technic for the purpose of mods. This is similar to how users are able to apply OptiFine or Forge after getting things set up.

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