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On a Raspberry Pi 2 : Wi-Fi Sheep LIVE AMCOG GAMES / RISC OS Special

Thu May 09, 2019 11:18 pm

AMCOG Games was featured on the Wi-Fi Sheep Live 8 'till late on Twitch.TV

We are very grateful to Wi-Fi Sheep for showcasing what RISC OS can do running on a Raspberry Pi 2.

A repeat is available via YouTube at the following URL

The programme featured 2 hours of playing and demonstrating most of AMCOG's
games that had been released by the 5th of May 2019.

You can advance through the recording to see in order:

- Xeroid
- Protector
- Legends of Magic
- Mop Tops
- Island of the Undead
- Stunt Drivers
- Escape from the Arcade
- The AMCOG Development Kit - including Cyborg, Mutant Penguin and

We are about to release our 9th commercial game for RISC OS (Escape from the Arcade). However, a new free game is being planned for latest this year..

Please note that Mutant Penguin is available for free either from the PlingStore or from:

Tony Bartram

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