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Raspberry PI Switch Clone - Interest Level

Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:31 pm

Last year I assembled a PSPi unit that Othermod has done using a Rasperry Pi Zero W (https://othermod.com/product/pspi-1000-version-4-board/). I love the little device and I love playing the retro games on it. But that got me thinking about a Nintendo Switch Clone like device that has most of the same features (i.e. detachable controllers, docking station to use it like a console, etc...)

So for the last month or two I've been working on a Raspberry Pi CM3 (now using CM3+) project that is an attempt to mimic the Nintendo Switch. Of course it is not going to play any Nintendo Switch games, but instead would support RetroPie and streaming games through Steam. This would be very similar to the gameboy and handheld clones already out there. But it could also be used as a Raspberry Pi tablet since I'm using the official 7" capacitive touch screen.

I'm well aware of the following two projects that have already been done:

SwitchBerry - https://blog.hackster.io/switchberry-is ... 568ea0fc99

NinTimdo RP - https://timee1994.weebly.com/nintimdo-rp.html

But both of these are VERY DIY projects. I'm curious as to what the interest level in the community would be for something more professional that can be bought as a Kit and assembled without soldering. The reason why I'm asking for other people's interest level is it will determine whether I put it just enough effort for myself (and do what these guys did above), or make it more into a Kit that others can use as well. Here is a list of the current capabilities I have worked out already (i.e. designed in CAD and worked out the hardware for) and a list of questions I am curious about:

Current Specifications:

Screen - Official 7" Capacitive Touch
Battery - 5000mAh Lipo
Bluetooth - 4.0
Wifi - ac/n/g/b
Speakers - two 4 Ohm 2W speakers (waterproof)
Charging Port - USB-C or USB micro
Video Out - HDMI out for TV display
Audio Out - Headphone Jack
Ports - three USB-A Ports (2 for the removable controllers, 1 extra for misc)
Memory - SD Card
Camera - ??? (haven't decided if I will put one in yet)
Active cooling (Heatsink/pipes and Exhaust Fan)
Dimensions of main unit - 126mm x 208mm x 15.5mm (The Nintendo switch is only 14mm thick)
Dimensions of controllers - ??? (not worked out yet)
Case - 3D printed

  • What is the interest level in a DIY kit and/or a completed item
  • If you are interested, how much would you pay for something like this given that is only Raspberry PI and not something more powerful, or would you just want a list of instructions on how to do it yourself
  • Would you want the controller pieces to be permanently attached or detachable with a separate piece that they can attach to that makes a full controller. This full controller can be used over bluetooth.
  • Do you care if the screen is a touch screen
  • Would you want a docking station for charging and/or HDMI output or would cables work
  • Would a high quality 3D printed case be satisfactory, or would you want an injection molded one.

If you have any questions about what I'm proposing please feel free to leave me any comments. I love working on DIY electronics projects and want to offer something like this to community.

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