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A good Tutorial Welcomed

Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:20 pm

I have read some of the info on not being to exit and buttons not working I'm new but also old when it comes to tech stuff
I have purchased a cabinet arcade and have finished putting it together installed all buttons 22 in all and the sanwa joysticks
to the usb board and tested everything on a laptop all function properly. Pi is flashed with image containing emulation station
attract mode many games . i have tried a couple and seem to be having a button issue I'm sure from not assigning them correspondingly
Can some one point me to where I might find a " good " tutorial on programming them do they have to be programmed for each game type?
I seem to be having the same issues that have been posted by others not shutting down etc. keyboard not functioning to exit
any and all help would be appreciated constructive criticism welcome :)

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