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choosing parts for a handheld

Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:32 pm

So, I really, REALLY want to one day make a handheld one day, and I'd need a few things obviously... My question here is about the parts.

What would you guys recommend for dual analogs, for the battery, screen [been thinking about 5 or 7 inch multi touch, but still want the HDMI output free to use] And most importantly, casing wall thickness.

I'd accept recommendations on other things, like the overall buttons - I'd need a few - and speakers, but these seem most important thanks to how much space they take overall.

Initial ideas would be to use vita analogs and a certain 7inch screen because it uses a ribbon connection instead of hdmi-to-hdmi like smaller screens do. I'd be happy with a similar 5inch screen tho. Also, using parts from known handhelds will help me find the parts, just need to be sure how easy they are to work with, tho.

Before I forget, these are just some steps i'm taking towards making a printable handheld casing. It'd be free to use when it's done.

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