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Raspberry Pi Arcade Controller in Windows?

Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:39 pm

So I've had my Pi 1 (Model B) for a while now but never found anything of interest to do with it. But the time has now come.

Basically, I'm a final year Computer Science student, and for my dissertation, I'm remaking and building upon Pac-Man (my supervisor's idea). It follows on from a group project I did last year where I remade Atari's 1980 Centipede, and did a damn good job. Built my arcade cabinet and everything.

That was just using a standard USB joystick I found on Amazon though, which wasn't that much of an issue when interfacing with Windows and using Java. We just used JInput. But this time round I wanted to use actual arcade controls that I've seen companies selling online you can buy individually. Specifically I just want to use buttons. No joystick.

I was quite interested in the Pimoroni Picade HAT, actually : ... picade-hat
(Still not sure if this is what I'm after though)

I did some Googling to try and find a guide as to how I'd interface these with my Pi, but I'm still kind of unsure. Seems they either assume you're after a fully fledged system to run games on and everything (I just need to use my Pi as a controller for another system), or using a Pi 3, which is obviously different to my Pi 1.

Is there any way I can interface some arcade style buttons with my Pi to use as just a game controller in Windows, preferably so I can just use JInput again?

I say Windows because I'm actually running the game on an SSD. I tried running it straight off my Pi but it just couldn't cut the mustard.

I'm a straight up noob when it comes to Pi, Pi projects, Linux and the likes. I was hoping some kind soul with a better idea of what they're doing could help me out and maybe point me in the right direction.

Many thanks, Lanky MikStanky :) :) :) :)

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