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How to run Minecraft Pi and use the FULL SCREEN

Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:58 pm

Many people want to run Minecraft full screen on thier monitor or on a TV with an HDMI in port, but Minecraft has a small window
Minecraft-not-full-screenB.jpg (29.82 KiB) Viewed 2581 times
and if you make it full screen, the cursor doesn't work on the bottom half of the screen.

But there is a way to run Minecraft using the full height and width of your device. Instead of trying to make the Minecraft window larger, make the resolution of the screen smaller!
Minecraft-full-screenB.jpg (39.81 KiB) Viewed 2581 times
To this end, I've written a script to make it easy to accomplish this. What it does is

- report the users IP address
- turning on SSH (in case of problems you can get in and make a change)
- check for the '/home/pi/mfs' directory and create it if it doesn't exist
- check for the '/home/pi/' file, create it if it doesn't exist
- check if /boot/config.txt has been backed up as /boot/config.boot, if not copy it
- change the /boot/config.txt file to adjust the screen resolution, based on a default or your choice of options, to allow Minecraft Pi to fill the screen by reducing the screen resolution.

The script is copied to the Pi so after the first time you run it, you can run it again to swap back to the original configuration, or back to the Minecraft Full screen settings or try some new settings.

To get and run the script for the first time, open a terminal window and enter the following:

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bash <(curl -sL
Answer the questions and reboot the Pi and you should be off and running. If you want to re-run the script you can enter 'sh /home/pi/mfs/'

In the unlikely event something gets messed up, you can use SSH to get into the Pi and change the /boot/config.txt remove the four (4) lines at the end of the file starting with:

# settings to reduce the screen resolution to run Minecraft Pi full screen

If you are not comfortable with SSH, take the SD card out of the Pi, put it in a card reader and mount it on your Mac or PC. Then navigate to the device and you should see 'config.txt' and 'config.boot'. Just delete 'config.txt' and rename 'config.boot' to 'config.txt' and you should be back to where you started before running the script the first time.

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Re: How to run Minecraft Pi and use the FULL SCREEN

Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:58 am

Just came across your post. Cool script! Seems really thorough enabling ssh and asking the user to record down the IP address.

I came up with another method to enable full screen a while back. See this post on the Minecraft forums for how it works by intercepting SDL_SetVideoMode(). This isn't any less complicated, but it doesn't require rebooting.

Some time later I learned of mcpifull.bsdiff, the full screen patch by Phirel. That's the most straightforward approach I've seen to date.

One way to terminate the window even without ssh access is to press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to the console. If you are using the brcm driver (dispman) you may not be able to see much of what you're typing after the switch, but can still blindly type killall minecraft-pi

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