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My take on the Gameboy zero

Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:04 pm

Si I made a thing

couldn't bear to take a working gameboy apart and chop it up, so i made something different. Ended up being a challenge of how small, and how few parts i could use to make a working device.

Parts count is 9 (10 if you count the pcb)
- pi zero
- TP4056 li-po charge/protect board
- tiny switch
- jst battery socket
- li-po battery (1000mah currently)
- 2.2" ili9341 screen
- 2 x 5 way navigation switches
- smd resistor for backlight duties

all wrapped up on a custom PCB. the pi and the TP4056 are soldered direct to SMD pads, so there are no pins to get in the way (and it keeps things nice and skinny). This is just a first prototype. There is currently no sound, and no form of safe shutdown. The protection board will keep the battery from going too low, but it will just cut the power, so it needs to be avoided!! This version also has a bit of a boo boo, the switch actually disconnects the battery from the protection board, rather than disconnecting the protection from the pi, as a result, you have to plug a charger in when you want to switch it on (although only long enough for the protect board to reset)


Some more pictures here

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