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Re: DraStic DS emulator for RPi 2/3 - beta testers wanted

Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:25 pm

Right, I started playing with Retropie and as a customer of the Android Drastic, I was very happy to find Drastic available under Retropie. Everything installed great, I copied over some ROMs and they start op OK till the title screen.
That is the extent of it however. My Bluetooth connected Moga Hero Pro, although working ok under eg MAME seems to have issues with Drastic. The right hand analog stick correctly starts the config menu, the upper left analog stick moves the virtual stylus as expected, but I'm unable to press enter, OK, stylus down meaning I never can get past the title screen. (not with keyboard either)
Anybody has any idea what I'm doing wrong or how I can debug my problem? :(

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Re: DraStic DS emulator for RPi 2/3 - beta testers wanted

Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:48 am

Hi everyone, I wanted to give an update on this.

Honestly, I was being kind of impulsive and didn't really think things through when I posted a link to the (until then private) beta on the Pandora forums. I didn't really prepare for a larger scale public release, which has been a bit of a setback, but only a minor one. I decided to watch and see what came of it for a while, but I think I should be ready to work towards a proper first release again soon.

Over the weekend I hope to create a new sub-forum for the RPi version on the main DraStic forums at There I'll be able to track bugs and feature requests specific to this version, and maybe other ARM Linux builds in the future.

Some of the things that have been reported so far should be pretty easy to fix. Others I'll need to look at. For things involving more proper integration with RetroPie or other frontends I may need more help, since I've only ever ran it from command line, usually over ssh. For right now I'll try to collect issues reported in this thread as well as the main thread on the RetroPie forum.

There was a question about SDL2 support earlier: it's totally feasible, I'm actually using SDL2 already on my x86 Linux build. I probably just need to make some updates to get it working on the Pi.

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Re: DraStic DS emulator for RPi 2/3 - beta testers wanted

Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:34 am

I'm having the black screen issue when I try to access Drastic config menu when I hit "M". Have you figured out the problem? Thanks

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Re: DraStic DS emulator for RPi 2/3 - beta testers wanted

Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:57 am

I've made a post on the RetroPie forum here ... ler-config, however I'm posting here in the case someone here is able to help me as well.

Raspberry 3b
Power Supply used: 5v - 2.5Amp
RetroPie Version: 4.2
Built From: Pre made SD Image: retropie-4.2-rpi2_rpi3.img
USB Devices connected: Teensy LC/Keyboard
Error messages received: No messages, just that I'm trying to figure something out.
Guide used: ... intendo-DS

I'm building a handheld RetroPie using the Teensy LC utilizing the code found HERE on page 7: Porta_Pi_Ultra_Controls_3.ino

I'm going through various emulators and fixing up the controllers. In Drastic, I'm running into a brick wall. To map the buttons, I use a keyboard to navigate to the button config screen. In the right column I'm able to map my Teensy buttons. All mappings appear to work, except the Touch Cursor. After I map it to my joystick, it doesn't work. Meaning when I move the joystick, nothing happens, the cursor doesn't even appear on the screen. Prior to config, at defaults, I'm able to use the Touch Cursor, however it is backwards in all directions.

I've tried configuring the drastic.cfg file, but I don't understand how it references the inputs. It uses something called Control Index, and it has seemingly random number strings. The only thing I've been able to figure out is that "65535" means the value is "un-mapped".

Can someone please help me figure this out?

Contents of drastic.cfg

Code: Select all

frameskip_type = 2
frameskip_value = 4
show_frame_counter = 1
screen_orientation = 0
screen_scaling = 2
screen_swap = 0
savestate_number = 0
fast_forward = 0
enable_sound = 1
clock_speed = 0
threaded_3d = 0
mirror_touch = 0
compress_savestates = 1
savestate_snapshot = 1
unzip_roms = 0
backup_in_savestates = 1
ignore_gamecard_limit = 0
frame_interval = 0
trim_roms = 0
fix_main_2d_screen = 0
disable_edge_marking = 0
hires_3d = 0
use_rtc_custom_time = 0
rtc_custom_time = 0
rtc_system_time = 0
firmware.username = Dr DraStic
firmware.language = 1
firmware.favorite_color = 0
firmware.birthday_month = 1
firmware.birthday_day = 1
enable_cheats = 1
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UP] = 273
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_DOWN] = 274
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_LEFT] = 276
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_RIGHT] = 275
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_A] = 32
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_B] = 306
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_X] = 122
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_Y] = 120
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_L] = 304
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_R] = 99
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_START] = 13
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_SELECT] = 303
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_HINGE] = 104
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_MENU] = 109
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_SAVE_STATE] = 286
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_LOAD_STATE] = 288
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_LOAD_GAME] = 65535
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_QUIT] = 65535
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_UP] = 273
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_DOWN] = 274
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_LEFT] = 276
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_RIGHT] = 275
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_SELECT] = 13
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_BACK] = 8
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_EXIT] = 27
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_PAGE_UP] = 280
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_PAGE_DOWN] = 281
controls_a[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_SWITCH] = 304
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UP] = 1029
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_DOWN] = 1030
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_LEFT] = 1031
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_RIGHT] = 1032
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_A] = 1024
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_B] = 1027
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_X] = 1025
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_Y] = 1026
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_L] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_R] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_START] = 1028
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_SELECT] = 1033
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_HINGE] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_MENU] = 1216
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_SAVE_STATE] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_LOAD_STATE] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_FAST_FORWARD] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_SWAP_SCREENS] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_LOAD_GAME] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_QUIT] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_UP] = 1029
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_DOWN] = 1030
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_LEFT] = 1031
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_RIGHT] = 1032
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_SELECT] = 1024
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_BACK] = 1026
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_EXIT] = 1027
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_PAGE_UP] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_PAGE_DOWN] = 65535
controls_b[CONTROL_INDEX_UI_SWITCH] = 65535

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Re: DraStic DS emulator for RPi 2/3 - beta testers wanted

Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:29 am

So I want to play Phantom Hourglass and Spirit tracts. I have good toms downloaded but they crash after they start to load. Could this be because they need mic support? If so, could you work on that? Thanks.

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Re: DraStic DS emulator for RPi 2/3 - beta testers wanted

Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:58 pm

I tried this on an overclocked Pi 2...The emulation is smooth, usually ranging between 97%-100% speed. The problem is that you have to connect a keyboard to access the menu screen, and it just shows a black screen on some lo-res screens (Like one of mine). Also, I'm using a Super Nintendo controller, and the D-pad is registering itself as the took a while to figure out how to turn it off. I personally think that that option should be disabled by default, since some lesser-experienced users with the Super Nintendo controller (Which has all of the buttons that a DS has, except for the touchscreen) might get really frustrated when the D-pad does not work by default. Some people only want to spend $16 on a Super Nintendo controller instead of $50 for an Xbox One or PS4 controller, if they already do not have one. The main game that I tested this emulator with was "Mario Kart DS!!", and it ran 100 times smoother than with desmume...that emulator had the correct controls but it lagged severely. I would say that this emulator is the best Nintendo DS emulator that I have ever seen, and other than the D-pad being used as the stylus for the default controls and that the menu does not work on lo-res screens, this is a perfect emulator for playing DS games on raspberry pi 2.

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Re: DraStic DS emulator for RPi 2/3 - beta testers wanted

Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:44 pm

Running drastic on a Pi3 (RetroPie 4.3.8). Can't seem to touch anything with the floating stylus (as eported earlier in this thread by @joyrider3774 and @kaichou ). All of the other controller mappings seem to work. Maybe it is a screen positioning problem? Anyway, if you have any ideas how to fix this, it would blow my kids' minds. I teach computer science and am very familiar with Linux so I can provide debugging info.

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Re: DraStic DS emulator for RPi 2/3 - beta testers wanted

Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:25 pm

In the hope for an update, and as an offer for any testing or help I might be able to give, I thought I would reply with a quick question and update. I've been using Drastic with great success (Many thanks!) for a while now ... and I"m very happy with the results. I'm trying to play the two d-pad patched Zelda (P-Hour and Spirit-T) DS games on my Drastic emulator but they just offer a glimpse of early load up, then black out to menu. No other games, patched or otherwise have given me any trouble. It's a known issue, that many have pointed to a mic issue but they will run (albeit horribly) on lr-desmume barely, so its something Drastic might be able to overcome. Wasn't sure if there was any updates forthcoming or if any advice was available to try. Thanks again ... Drastic is great!

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