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Need help with arcade button input

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:34 pm
by marko4449
I used a youtube guide to make a retropie console and added arcade buttons to it using the Pi"s GPIO. My problem lies on the buttons not working on other applications like fceux or nestopia. If i boot emulationstation then the buttons work as intended. BTW im using Adafruits retrogame files to use the buttons. Can anyone help please? Its one of my school projects and i have to get the nestopia program working with the buttons.

Re: Need help with arcade button input

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:22 am
by Higgy

I don't think I used NES emulators when I had my GPIO buttons.
You might find some more info here: ... ent-System ... figuration

Some emulators accepted for example 'LCTRL' in their contoller configs and others you needed the Keycode number. I don't have the info infront of me, but for every keypress there is also a number (not correct but) for example 'LCTRL' = '223'.
I am pretty sure that the Adafruits Retrogame has some information in their files.

How old is your Adafruits Retrogame download? I see it has been updated recently and there is info about newer emulators needing a physical USB keyboard, but it creates a virtual keyboard:

// SDL2 (used by some newer emulators) wants /dev/input/eventX
// instead -- BUT -- this only exists if there's a physical USB
// keyboard attached or if the above code has run and created a
// virtual keyboard. On older systems this method doesn't apply,
// events can be sent to the keyfd1 virtual keyboard,
// this code looks for an eventX device and (if present) will use
// that as the destination for events, else fallback on keyfd1.

// The 'X' in eventX is a unique identifier (typically a numeric
// digit or two) for each input device, dynamically assigned as
// USB input devices are plugged in or disconnected (or when the
// above code runs, creating a virtual keyboard). As it's
// dynamically assigned, we can't rely on a fixed number -- it
// will vary if there's a keyboard connected at startup.

Re: Need help with arcade button input

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:47 am
by marko4449
thank you for the reply ill check out the links you have given me. I also tried using pikeyd but for some reason nothing happens. It says the program is working but nothing