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MAME overlays for 1440x900 monitor?

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:12 pm
by Higgy

There must be quite a few people running emulation via a PC monitor instead of HDMI TV.

Has anyone created a Scanline overlay/mask at 1440x900 res they could upload please?

I was looking at using Floob's excellent rp-video-manager for RetroPie, but it is set-up for 720 & 1080 displays :(

I would have thought there would have been something on PC emulation forums, but I have not found anything. I would say 1440x900 is quite a common screen res.


Re: Scanline overlay for 1440x900 monitor?

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:53 am
by Higgy
I managed to find a .PNG for 1280x800 which my monitor might be capable of.

I also used GIMP to crop out 1440x900 from a 1920x1080 scanline .PNG

Not sure if this is the best way, but I will try it.

Re: Scanline overlay for 1440x900 monitor?

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:28 pm
by Higgy
Just to say have have had great success converting the overlay images and modifying the configs for 1440x900 resolution.

The original creator 'Floob' has done a great job. If you have a wide-screen monitor, you have to run MAME with overlays and shaders!

I am now concentrating on finishing off my bartop build, I will then get back to tweeking the overlay configs and I will post some pics.