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New version emulator ZEsarUX-4.1

Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:56 am


I have uploaded a new stable version of my emulator ZEsarUX 4.1

You can download it from the project page:

This version adds two new machines: Sam Coupe and TBBlue/ZX Spectrum Next

Other important changes:

-Added DivIDE emulation
-Added tape loading at max speed
-Added turbo modes: native support for ZX-Uno, Prism, Chloe and TBBlue, and manual for other machines
-Added menu themes
-Improved debugger with new features: t-states partial counter, breakpoints on reading/writing port/memory
-Added On Screen keyboard, useful when using joystick

To view the full changelog: ... /Changelog

I hope you like


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