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Newbie needs help with SNES mod

Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:27 pm

I want to take an old SNES case (US version) and put a RP with retropie inside.

Here's what I want to accomplish:

-Functional SNES power and reset buttons
-Functional controller ports
-I've seen some mods like this where the ports are sort of hacked into the back of the console. I'd like to make them look decent/professional.

I have personally built several PCs and have a decent knowledge of emulation in general. My DIY and soldering/electronics knowledge is only slightly above average, however. I'd like the build to be as cheap and easy to make as possible. If there's a way to avoid soldering that would be even better, but I'm not against learning new things.


1. Is there an online resource for this type of project? I have seen them in the past but apparently I'm not Googling the right terms because I haven't found a ton of examples to go by.
2. What's the best power supply to use?
3. Can the pi handle a 128 gb card?
4. What's the simplest way to make the buttons and controller ports work?
5. Do I need to worry about any cooling, passive or otherwise?

I would be grateful for any guidance on how to accomplish my goals with a build like this, since it's new territory for me!

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Re: Newbie needs help with SNES mod

Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:12 pm

Here's my tutorial in 5 easy steps

1. Get money
2. Order parts
3. Assemble parts
4.Test it works
5. Post pictures on the Internet and glow in its glory.

But I'll spoon feed you the answers

1. No everyone's is different.
2. 5v 2.5 amp (googled) rpi 3.
3. Usb storage ££ your limit.
4. Simplest botch style 2 usb pads wired to rear pins of orignal ports.
5. Depends on use its enclosed so (use common sense) if really hot cool it.

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