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Using an out of order PS VITA.

Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:07 pm

Hi all , i'm pretty new on this site.
I've got a new project, and i need (probably a lot) of help.

I want to reuse an old ps vita or psp to insert a raspberry on her.
These cases are pratical with buttons and joystick already include, and some elctronical stuff that i will be able to reuse like battery

I had this idea a long time ago, but with the new raspberry pi zero, that give me up.
I will prefer the vita for some reasons. This one have a lot of advantages for me :
- smart case (already have audio output, some access behind cache, can hide some hdmi or use connector)
- good screen ( 5"), or at least, enough space for a 5" screen
- bigger that a psp, so easier to fit in.

The aim of this idea is to have a really small computer inside a pocket. Well, with the vita size, i can say my bag. Also to be able to use it like a game console, like a computer (with external screen & keyboard), or like a remote for domotic projects.

What i already know :
The screen probably can't be reuse, so i was thinking about something like this : ... uG36-bh2PU
I will have to use a dremel and other stuff like that to be able to put a raspberry (even a zero) inside a vita case, but as long that it has a good prehention, i don't care.

The most harder thing that i know i will not be able to deal with is the use of button pcb of vita.
I have seen some stuff in this link viewtopic.php?t=110844&p=764609 or this one :
One of my possibility is to cut the pcb and solder io with raspberry or a temp pcb. I think that i'm not able to solder on so small things.
I've already look "inside" a vita by this link ... rdown/7872 and i have the feeling that all buttons infos use the two connects cables (step12 from ifixit).
So i look for a way to reuse this cables and connect it with the psvita. I don't know what could be the better options.
And it's here that you can give me some help.
I was thinking about use something like that ... attes.html or that But in fact, i would prefer a version with connector directly solder to it (if you know where i can find it ... I don't even know the name of the type of connector in need).
After that, a think it could be possible to use the io of these cables with the pi. For the moment, i will prefer try to use it directly on io, but an other possibility (tell me if i'm wrong), could be to use a converter. On the pictures, i counted 10 io by cable, so pottentially 20 io (some should probably be redundante no ? ).
Where do you think i could find a schema of the io to know what pass inside the cable and at which position ?

What do you think about this project ?
Do you know some similar projects ?
Can you give me some advices or clue for this.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Re: Using an out of order PS VITA.

Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:40 pm

Little up !

SO, i've found an vita out of order, i will buy it next week.
I've also look closely the pictures of pcb found on this site : ... tons-.Html (good resolution of picture).
When i look, i've got feeling that it also possible to simply solder cable to each point of the pcb, but it will be very ugly (and possibly hard with this small size).
I had turn my choice into a teensy card, himself plug at the raspberry. It will probably be the simpliest way to do what i wanna.

But, in the other way, i really wanna find a way to simply plug the vita cable into a "converter" with Dupont cables. (simpliest solder after to the teensy).
Another possibility should be to cut the output of the vita cable (the ones between button pcb and motherboard) and solder it , but in my mind, even if it's possible, it will be fragile and easily breakable.

So, what do you think about it ?
If you know where i could fint an converter like i look, don't hesitate to give me a link ;)
Another question : Do you know where i can found a plan of the "content" of the vita cable ? where to found ground , vcc and other stuff ?


PS : Am i in the good category (gaming) ?

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Re: Using an out of order PS VITA.

Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:26 pm

I am planning a similar project with a PSP-1000 model. Decided I needed as much room as possible as I'm going to try and run the PI 3 and slim it down by removing the USB stacks, Ethernet port, and the composite video jack. Have you found anywhere you the screens inside these systems can be used? I have seen a video where someone got the PI running through the screen, but looked like he ran the video out of the PSP motherboard and soldered it onto the component video jack. I'd rather not have to buy another screen when there is one already sitting there. Also, will a separate power supply be needed for the screens? I'm very new to this, and I think this is maybe an extremely ambitious project, but I'm just looking for tips wherever I can!

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Re: Using an out of order PS VITA.

Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:10 am


You might have some trouble installing the drivers for the touch-screen display. I remember buying a Sainsmart 7" rpi touchscreen display before the official touchscreen was released, and I never used the touch-screen functionality because I did not get it working. However, if you can some how modify the PS Vita to support a 7" display, I would recommend you use the official touchscreen, as it is MUCH, much easier to get working.

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Re: Using an out of order PS VITA.

Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:45 am

Is the touch screen on the back really necessary on the PS Vita? You can probably clear all that area out for more battery space. Might even get away with fitting a Pi 3 if you remove the network and USB ports (or replace them).

All that extra ribbing on the inside of the PSVita adds a lot of strength, but removing some of it could give us tons more room. A dremmel could work, although I don't own one.

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