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Options for gaming via Kodi on Raspbian?

Posted: Thu May 21, 2015 10:13 pm
by Lombra
so I'm wanting to build a good old living room box out of my new Pi 2, including gaming (ideally including game stream) and video watching.

I want to use Raspbian for best overall compatibility/support (?), and Kodi seems like a nice system to use as "launcher" for everything. As I understand, it's not all that difficult to add arbitrary items to the Kodi menu, so whatever solution I find for the gaming, I should be able to include it there.

Now, there seems to be a number of options, and I'm a bit confused what everything is and what it does. I'm wanting to use PS3 controllers to play games and navigate menus, so that must work. I've tried RetroPie, and while its EmulationStation GUI looks very neat, I would love it if the games could be launched directly from Kodi instead, and also I just generally prefer installing individual stuff instead of entire compilations like RetroPie. (of course, I can see why stuff that "just works" is appreciated) I'm not sure how much the RetroPie install script does, but I'm fine with configuring stuff. Preferrably not too hacky stuff. I'm not going to use all that many systems, mainly SNES and NES.

I've seen this RetroPlayer thing, but I don't fully understand what it is, and it doesn't seem to be quite finished?

So I guess what I'm looking for is some system that allows me to nicely integrate the games with Kodi, works with PS3 controllers and isn't impossible to set up. Or some other relevant hints, something I've overlooked or anything.

Edit: Forgot about game streaming. I'm familiar with Limelight/Moonlight, but is there some special implementation for Kodi available perhaps? And/or something specific for Steam games?

I might just be saying random stuff that comes to mind here so I apologise if it doesn't all make sense, but I appreciate any help.


Re: Options for gaming via Kodi on Raspbian?

Posted: Mon May 25, 2015 8:11 am
by ulysess
Maybe this guide helps you:

Re: Options for gaming via Kodi on Raspbian?

Posted: Mon May 25, 2015 4:28 pm
by Lombra
Thanks, I will have a look at that! Hvae looked at it briefly before, I think.

Will also take a good look at RetroArch to try to figure out what it actually does.

Re: Options for gaming via Kodi on Raspbian?

Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 7:21 am
by C-Fu
RetroPlayer is like a game rom player (like a video player). Not available/stable yet.

Currently Kodi as a launcher for everything is either not exist, or insanely difficult to do. Your best bet is to wait for Kodi Isengard 15.0 (current version 14.2) for a built-in retroplayer (hopefully).

Best way for me, currently, is to use OSMC, and install retropie (google osmc and retropie together). OSMC/Kodi can launch emulationstation, which is a front-end that lists all your roms and emulators.

Re: Options for gaming via Kodi on Raspbian?

Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 9:12 pm
by Lombra
Yeah, I did intend to wait for Isengard, but even without something like RetroPlayer, would it not be possible to, say, add custom Kodi menu items for each game? And put the commands to launch them? Or is it not so easy to launch an emulator with a ROM in the shell?

I've bookmarked some stuff on how to install RetroPie alongside OSMC, indeed, but I had hoped to do without a separate launcher for the games.