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raspberry pi 3 handheld and more

Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:44 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am totally new to this so please bare with me. I was introduced to a retro pie and loved it. I want to look at making one myself but my ultimate dream is to create a handheld version that can also be plugged into the tv and use controllers rather than the handheld.

i have gone down many rabbit holes in search of how or what i can get to do this. I have zero knowledge on any of this but willing to learn.
what is the best approach to this do i get an old gaming case of some sort to put the pi in or is there a better way?

I really want to use the pi 3 so it has more power and i dont mind what case it goes into but i have no idea on how to map any controls.
as an example i have seen a wii u used with a pi zero but not sure how they got the control to work with the pi. i am happy to use that and know the pi 3 would stick out the back a little. is there a better case or better still an out of the box case i cna plug a pi into that gives me the handheld console i can load retro pi on and then also plu controllers in if i want to use it with a tv?

i know im jumping in a bit but happy to be guided


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Re: raspberry pi 3 handheld and more

Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:14 pm

There was a Kick Started for such a project, here's a link to a 'Build' Vid

Link -

Homepage -
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