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Connect BBC micro:bit to Scratch 2 via only radio waves BLE

Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:04 am

Connect BBC micro:bit to Scratch 2 via only radio waves (Bluetooth LE)

Video with BBC micro:bit wirelessly connected to Scratch 2: (1 min)

Video about choosing Microbit in S2Bot 4 Scratch: (2 min). S2Bot 4 Scratch is a free add-on to Chrome (and Chromium). I've gotten it to work now on Raspberry Pi 2 with the Bluetooth dongle BLED112 & Scratch 2 in Chromium, but not in Chrome in Windows 10.

I have done a demo program. You fly a balloon by tilting and changing backdrop back and forth with buttons A and B, respectively. You use the Microbit as a remote control which can display (scrolling) text and play audio (if you have connected a speaker).

You must use a Bluetooth dongle with a certain chip, emulating a serial port: BLED112.

However, on Chromebook you can use the built-in Bluetooth. BLED112 already has Windows and Raspbian drivers built-in (and it seems to be possible to make it work in Mac OS X). However, BLED112 is not perceived as a BT dongle but as a serial port.

They should extend the S2Bot so that it can also handle the pins and the display in more detail. Now you can only write scrolling text with ASCII characters - for example ÅÄÖ does not work, and you can use a speaker (if you connect one). It would also be an advantage if it could use Raspberry Pi 3 and Zero's internal Bluetooth, as well as other computers' internal BT4.
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