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Grabbing Time & Date + Google Calender Weather & Temperature

Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:44 am

I saw in the tutorial for grabbing weather, that Python and Scratch could communicate together, and Python could grab data from the internet. Is there any APIs which use the same technique for grabbing location (with users permission), Google Calender/iOS Calender, E-mail (for grabbing email through Python to display in project) , Sending camera pictures over bluetooth by having Scratch take it, and python send it to a phone/tablet/other device?, time & date and temprature (I can already do weather)?

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Re: Grabbing Time & Date + Google Calender Weather & Tempera

Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:07 pm

That's a very long list of things to try to answer. But here goes ...

Scratch can communicate with *anything* that listens to the broadcasts on the right socket/port. Simon's ScratchGPIO server, Gerhard's scratchClient, Pridopia's client ... it doesn't need to be Python just any system that can do sockets. It could even be another Squeak application. It could be on another device entirely - on another continent!

So, if you can find code to do the things you need and add some socket code, you can do whatever you need. There's nothing much specifically there in Scratch that will help, except possibly getting the time/date and maybe the temp/pressure off a SenseHAT. Using Scratch to tie it all together via the broadcasts might be an interesting way to manage it all, certainly.
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