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rpi3 adb sideload fails, can't read firmware file

Thu May 09, 2019 2:53 pm

I have tried the adb in the sources list, e.g. apt-get install adb, same problem as I'm having with adb-dev/5.1.1/ compiled for arm by Eugen ( ... spberry-pi). After removing the stock adb I copied the adb-dev to /usr/bin/ and can recognize the sideloaded device, a 2017 Amazon Fire purchased in Nov. 2018 from Amazon, and listed under devices by serial number and sideload. Same behavior as the stock adb.

I have the Fire firmware binary, a .bin file.

adb fails to read the file to push it to the Fire. Permissions are 0777 on the binary and adb is being run by root.

I note this is an rpi3 and this seems to be difficult at times. I'm tempted to go to an earlier rpi with a vanilla noobie install unless someone can help me get this done on the rpi3.



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