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Music problem with Openauto/Android Auto

Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:52 am

Hi everyone!

I'm hoping somebody can help me. I am currently in the middle of setting up an Openauto project for my restored classic Land Rover. I'm at the 'getting it to work' stage, so I've got wires and bits and pieces all over my desk, and I've hit a snag and it's driving me crazy.

I'm using:
RPi 3b
Generic 7" touchscreen
Ugreen usb soundcard - no model numbers or anything on it, but it is working fine in Raspbian Stretch. Output currently plugged into a speaker, and I also have a mic.
Phone is a Huawei P10plus running Oreo

I have 99% of the system working as it should - Google Assistant works, she hears me and I hear her. Nav prompts are audible as is BBC iPlayer radio. And it's here we get to the problem. At first, I couldn't get music at all through Google Play Music. I sideloaded an application from XDA Developers that allowed any music app to work in AA, and then tried a different music app. This broke the 'previously working fine' bluetooth connection I have in my Ford Boring (I can still hear things alright over bluetooth, but the buttons on the controller no longer do anything) but didn't solve my problem with my diy system. I removed the app, removed the alternative music app, uninstalled and reinstalled AA just to be on the safe side and tried again, but still nothing.

Anyway, I tried again this morning and it worked! Except when I tried another song, it didn't again. So it turns out, most of the songs on my phone (around 125gb worth) don't work, but a few here and there do. I cannot see any reason why, they are in a couple of different formats, but that does not seem to be the issue as I can hear some mp3's and not others, and some wma's but not others. It will play some flac's and not others. (Well, it 'plays' everything, I just cannot hear the audio output on most songs). Could this be some sort of DRM issue? If so, how can I sort it out?

Kind Regards, and thank you in advance for any and all help provided. Apologies if I have missed some vital information, I'm a bit of a newbie, if you need more info I'll provide it. I'm just ready to throw a fit and throw something out of the window in a rage!


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Re: Music problem with Openauto/Android Auto

Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:22 pm

In case anyone reads this and has the same problem - it is an Android Auto problem, there is nothing wrong with the RPi or Openauto whatsoever, and I have seen hundreds and hundreds of people with the same problem with their £1000+ AA head units.
The only thing I have found that works is a bit of a work around. You have to install an app called Equalizer FX (some guides say any equalizer app but I found only Equalizer FX worked) and you have to have it running in the background on your phone for music to work on AA. You can set it to a flat setting with no base boost or effects, but it must be running in the background.

It woud seem Google know about the issue but are at a loss as to what causes it and how they can fix it.

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