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Re: Raspbery Pi Forth Operating System

Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:24 am

MEmerton wrote: He learnt Forth on the Jupiter Ace.
It's amazing how compelling that little Jupiter Ace was! That's also really the only reason I have such a soft spot for Forth. Also, the only place I can ever practically imagine using Forth these days is on the bare metal of a device such as the Pi.

So, I have no interest at all in Forth running under Linux, or any other OS for that matter. However, Forth as a super-lightweight OS/language runtime environment with an easy-to-use editor like the Ace (instead of the horrible screen-based stuff) and a vocabulary of Raspberry Pi specific words... that's quite exciting.

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Re: Raspbery Pi Forth Operating System

Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:40 am

Hello there. Why is developing freezed? Is it cancelled, stopped, etc.? How could I help to it? It's awesome project, and I would cry if it'll be lost

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Re: Raspbery Pi Forth Operating System

Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:45 pm

Renha wrote:How could I help to it? It's awesome project, and I would cry if it'll be lost
Fork the github repo, develop, send pull requests back to Roland.

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Re: Raspbery Pi Forth Operating System

Thu May 08, 2014 8:41 pm

If you are after re-living your youth with Forth then give Fignition a go. []

You buy parts for an old-school 8 bit computer (for about £25), assemble it by soldering - slightly daunting but I managed it and had never soldered before - and then on start-up it launches into a Forth environment. Input is through an 8 button keypad (quite effective but not ideal) but for a few pounds extra you can buy/build an add-on that links to a PS2 keyboard.

Nothing to do with me, but I'm very impressed, and Forth is a brilliant programming language to try out.

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Re: Raspbery Pi Forth Operating System

Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:52 pm

In case you're interested in an alternative approach, you may find pijFORTHos interesting. It's a bare-metal FORTH for the RPi, based on the excellent "jonesforth" literate programming tutorial.

In it's current incarnation, it is extremely simple and light-weight (~8k for the whole kernel). To achieve this, there is no built-in support for keyboard/mouse (no USB) or graphical display. All interaction is accomplished through a GPIO/UART serial console. With a proper 4-wire USB-to-serial cable, the RPi is provided with everything it needs to run and communicate (Power, Ground, Tx, Rx).

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Re: Raspbery Pi Forth Operating System

Fri Aug 29, 2014 9:56 am

seems the Silicon Valley Forth people are indeed taking particular interest in the Pi and the forth filling therein

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Re: Raspbery Pi Forth Operating System

Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:36 am

What ever happen to the days when developers would have a BAT(sh for linux) file to install everything automatically.

Does this forth replace Linux and run native or run under Linux?

Every time I try to compile something, I have to find a compiler and then it usually takes hours or even days to get it to compile and run. Just looking for a forth I can flash and the flash instructions.

Someplease send binary file)s_ location and instructions
[email protected]

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