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i have recently ported little-kernel to the VPU

Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:00 am

it may interest you to know, that i have recently ported little-kernel to the VPU, and it can run on all models i own (1,2,3,4)

for the rpi 1-3, it can run as either a bootcode.bin file, or a start.elf loaded by the official bootcode.bin

for the rpi4, it can run as a start4.elf file

currently, the LK fork isnt able to bring the arm's online, but i do have able to boot linux with the USB fully working, so its just a matter of porting that code over

the main thing you would loose, if switching over from the official firmware, is all graphical output, and all hw encode/decode support, and probably the cameras too

usb/ethernet/i2c/serial/sdcard all work fine, and spi would probably also work (havent tried it yet)

edit: this was a reply to somebody that was asking about LK on the VPU, since i lack permissions to PM them, but it has since been moved to a new thread, and now they are less likely to see it

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