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RTC_ds1339 chip drivers

Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:39 pm

Posting this here because I've posted in many other places with no answers to my question.
I've designed and built a RTC using the DS1339 chip. I'm planning on releasing the schematic and board design to anyone who wishes to build their own RTC after all that's what the RPI is supposed to be about. I've gone through many pages of info that claim it will work with the rtc_ds1307 driver, but that is not the case.
So I've searched the net and many sites to find a driver for this chip to no avail I haven't found one but I have found a file called rtc-ds1339.c that I should be able to use to build a kernel mod. I know it will need modification to work on the rpi.

Can anyone help? I'm lost when it comes to this stuff. I've designed many boards for different things but have never been involved in the driver creation process.

Seems that hardly anyone is using this chip which is way newer then the ds1307 and has many new features that the ds1307 does not have. Can anyone help with porting this driver to the rpi? Or at least can anyone point me in a direction that will lead me to the end goal of creating a working driver for this chip.

The DS1339.c file I have is one used for many microchips running embedded Linux so it shouldn't be that difficult to port. I've even found a ds1339.c file that appears to have been used for an arm9 chip successfully.

So can some one please help?

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