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Which OMX_IMAGE_CODINGTYPE are actually supported?

Tue May 28, 2013 10:37 am

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    OMX_IMAGE_CodingUnused,      /**< Value when format is N/A */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingAutoDetect,  /**< Auto detection of image format */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingJPEG,        /**< JPEG/JFIF image format */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingJPEG2K,      /**< JPEG 2000 image format */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingEXIF,        /**< EXIF image format */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingTIFF,        /**< TIFF image format */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingGIF,         /**< Graphics image format */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingPNG,         /**< PNG image format */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingLZW,         /**< LZW image format */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingBMP,         /**< Windows Bitmap format */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingKhronosExtensions = 0x6F000000, /**< Reserved region for introducing Khronos Standard Extensions */
    OMX_IMAGE_CodingVendorStartUnused = 0x7F000000, /**< Reserved region for introducing Vendor Extensions */


    OMX_IMAGE_CodingMax = 0x7FFFFFFF
I already found in a thread that JPEG2000 is not supported. I have some issues with PNG, could anyone add to the header what is actually supported and what is not?

See also: ... 87#p358287

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Re: Which OMX_IMAGE_CODINGTYPE are actually supported?

Fri Jun 21, 2019 1:40 pm

The following coding types are not supported:

The following coding types are supported:

Unfortunately the Broadcom decoder firmware does not understand all coding "dialects" and can crash on some images (i.e. GIF images). It might not be possible to handle the error and/or recover the videocore (decoder) state when such a crash occurs. Very high resolution images can also result in buggy behaviour.

There is an issue with PNG decoding: the decoder only accepts images that have a height that is aligned with 16.

The following coding type is accepted by the image_decode component:

but the decoder crashes on all my TGA test files....

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Re: Which OMX_IMAGE_CODINGTYPE are actually supported?

Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:43 pm

You've commented on a post that is 6 years old!

And you just ask the component for the supported formats via OMX_IndexParamImagePortFormat (or the variant for the relevant domain).

If you have an issue with particular decodes, then please start a new thread, and ideally provide a simple test case.
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