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seamless multimedia player/looper for jpg,png and mp4 files

Fri Nov 16, 2018 7:20 am


I want to build "seamless multimedia player/looper for jpg,png and mp4 files", using playlist file.

It is kind of similar to but I do not want
to use omxplayer, since it's output is not seamless there is some delay/blank screen between playlist files.

I want to build a stand-alone application in c/c++ with hardware decoding and display for images and videos.
For images I have found omxiv, pngview on github,
For mp4 I have found adafruit hello_video on github but it does not support audio output.

I am looking for hello_video alternative with audio support.

I am also looking support for OSC (open sound control) packets via UDP to control the player/looper operation.

Grateful for any pointers

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