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Vnc & opengl es

Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:41 pm

I'm trying to program opengl es app's on the Rpi. Although i'm an experienced programmer in the m'crosoft world. I've none in the Linux gui. So, i'm avoiding the gui element for now and programming full screen app's in opengl es.
Now, so that I have the benifit of programming with my pc, with all the benefits that entail's including using just 1 monitor, I'm running the RPi through VNC and to be honest it run's great. Until......
I need to look at the output from the pi which seem's to only output to the TV that it is connected to in the other room and not through the VNC window on my PC.
So the big question is, is it possible to be able to see my output through VNC. Is there an alternative app that would allow it. Would VNC show my app if I programmed it in a gui interface?
I'm sure all would agree that running the output onto one monitor with all the benefits of running from a pc that has taken a lot of time to set up with all the resources available is a good thing, and would improve productivity.
The other alternative would be a portable platform like opengl's glut.
I'm sure other programmers are having the same issues.

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Re: Vnc & opengl es

Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:24 pm

I usually run my GL apps via ssh, This means the pi renders to the DVI output but the text (using std::cout / std::cerr) prints to the console I ran the program from (the ssh window on my mac). If you use the windows equivalent of ssh it should do the same.

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