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A new (plugin based) game engine & editor for the Pi

Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:49 pm

Forgive the post but I've been working on an engine / editor as a side project and am currently in the process of porting it to the Pi and wanted to post the porting progress / any issues should they be of use to someone.

It's very much a work in progress but here's a link to the download for Windows and Mac (Pi in progress):


When the editor starts there's a small demo browser that is displayed with a link to the companion code for each demo to give a feel for how the (C++) api works. In addition the scripting demo contains a Lua script file (script.txt) to demonstrate the scripting interface to the engine should Lua be preferred to C++.

A summary
  • The engine can be extended by way of plugins that add components and systems to the engine (the engine is Entity Component System based).
  • The editor can be extended by way of plugins that add tools and behaviours to the toolbar and other extension points within the editor enabling you to customise both the engine and editor according to your simulation / game's needs.
A list of features:
  • A customisable plugin entity component system based framework and editor
  • Cross platform (builds on Windows, Linux, Mac and ARM based devices)
  • Scripting support (Lua)
  • Versioned serialisation of scenes
  • Out of the box scene editing tools
  • Undo / redo all actions performed within the editor
  • Import models from a wide variety of formats
  • Bundles with plugins for physics, constructive solid geometry and more
  • Extension points within the engine and editor to enable a high degree of customisation
For details on how to use the tool see here (also accessible from the editor's help menu):


A screenshot:
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