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Stream OpenGLES to Chromecast

Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:23 pm

I'm writing an OpenGL ES 2.0 application on my Pi Zero W, and I'd like to stream audio and video to my TV via wifi when not plugged into HDMI, possibly at a lower audio bitrate and video resolution. Right now, I'm considering using a Chromecast to act as the receiver device.

I'm using the hello_triangle demo as guidance for how to setup OpenGL with EGL within the context of the VideoCore APIs. Once my Pi finds the Chromecast device it should send audio/video to, I want to set it as my target device in EGL.

Would this be possible, or would it be better to write my framebuffer to an H.264 buffer in main memory, and stream it that way? Then, there's the case of audio, but that'll be another issue for a different day.
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