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Re: BMP Out in C

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:51 am
by woodystanford
Yes, if you are running it in HDMI mode with a keyboard, Peter. However some of us "consider that beneath us" as in I use it as a UN*X host controller only shell accessing into it.

In most IoT applications I doubt if every Pi is going to have a keyboard and a display on it (as a host of zeros could be integrated into light switches, industrial generators, power company sensors, water main pressure sensors as such, weather station break boxes, refrigerators). The magic of this approach is this is an example of how a UN*X host with no installed servers, libraries, components on ANY flavor of UN*X (well any distro who's C /C++ supports stdio.h) can support a real-time graphics display. I mean its a jerky prototype but it does run.

See gentlemen (nose a little in the air) we call what you are talking about a "motherboard". If I wanted that I would just just buy a regular PC.

Graphics directly from shell access. Nothing installed. Nothing.