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MAME4ALL fail to compile

Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:46 pm

I'm trying to make MAME work in my Raspberry, and I've chosen mame4all to start with. So far, I've taken these steps:

- Downloaded and unpacked the sources from Chui's DC projects (as there is a makefile for linux).
- Altered makefile.linux: I've defined CC, CXX, LD and AS as arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++ (in makefile.gp2x are defined in a similar manner), defined CZ80=1 and commented all lines with references to raze and fame (to avoid asm in Z80 and M68000 cores).
- Altered config.mk: Commented the lines that define M68000_ASM_CORE and Z80_ASM_CORE (same reason).

It starts to compile, but when linking it shows failures in bosco.cpp, mrdo.cpp, gorf.cpp, mpatrol.cpp, 1943.cpp and blktiger.cpp. All those failures reference Z80 functions (Z80_GetHL2, Z80_GetHL, Z80_GetE and those things).

I've commented those lines and avoided use of asm to force only C code, but it seems that I've messed something with Z80 core. Anyone knows how can I fix that?

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