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RPi B+ BCM2835 lib

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:41 am
by BrendonShaw
I am using the new RPi B+ board and trying to access the addittional GPIO lines using the BCM2835 lib, but not getting any response or ability to use the new GPIO pins. I know they work as I am using the wiringPi lib, but just want to port over some older code and inculde the use of the new B+ GPIO pins.

I am using the latest BCM files - bcm2835-1.36.tar.gz and code the using reference to the previous & new GPIO pins

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// Input on RPi pin GPIO 15 - 40 way idc header pin 20
#define PIN_15 RPI_GPIO_P1_15

// Input on RPi pin GPIO 05 - 40 way idc header pin 29
#define PIN_05 RPI_GPIO_P1_05            // Should this be reference to RPI_V2_GPIO_P5_04   ???
The only reference I can find to the GPIO 05 (Pin 29) is in inthe BCM2835.h lib and has the following references, but these do not tie up to the 40 way IDC header.

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// RPi Version 2, new plug P5       
RPI_V2_GPIO_P5_03     = 28,         
RPI_V2_GPIO_P5_04     = 29,    
RPI_V2_GPIO_P5_05     = 30,     
RPI_V2_GPIO_P5_06     = 31, 
Any ideas how to use the addittional B+ GPIO lines using the BCM lib?