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Bluetooth Stops Responding

Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:48 pm

First, let me start off with the caveat: I purchased a CHEAP bluetooth dongle (which very well could be my issue) to allow myself to connect up a Wii Remote to my Pi using a python script (and python-cwiid).

That being said, I got everything installed and working properly, and all seems to be hunky dory except for one little thing...if the Wii Remote is disconnected for a long period of time (lets say 8-9 hours, i.e. overnight) there are times when I can no longer connect back up. If I do an hcitool dev it will report that there is no bluetooth dongle (although, not every time) and if I do an hcitool scan, I can't connect. Sometimes rebooting the Pi will fix this, other times I need to remove and reinsert the bluetooth dongle to get things working again (even after a reboot).

The script will throw a "Bluetooth device inquiry error" when this is occuring...

My question is, is it possible that there is some sort of "power save" that is going on that is causing the bluetooth dongle to power off, and if so, is there somewhere I can go to turn that off? Or is this just a case of "you bought a cheap dongle and should have spent more money on a better/approved dongle"?

Also, is there something I can run (preferably from the command line) that could turn bluetooth back on when it isn't responding? I've tried "sudo service bluetooth restart", but that got me nowhere fast (if I recall correctly, I think it actually made things worse).

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Re: Bluetooth Stops Responding

Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:44 pm

If restarting the BT service doesn't get you anywhere, I'd say "cheap dongle."

You might try the dongle on another machine (preferablly LINUX, but Windows *should* work), just to see if the behavior carries over. Sounds silly, but it's a quick check that shouldn't cost anything besides some time.

Parallel to this, what is the make/model of the dongle? Whoever is maintinaing the HCL will want to add this as a 'Partially supported' device.
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