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RPI 4 - Boot to Dual Web Tabs

Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:10 am

Hi Forum.

I have been doing some digging around on the Internet and I am thinking about running a Pi4 to display 2 websites.

Thoughts I have had and seeing if anyone else has had the same idea or success with this.

Happy to continue to use Chromium, but the choice of browser is open.

I would ideally like - to be able to boot the RPI - then once booted have a script in-place where it loads - Website A on one Display, and Website 2 on the second Display. Then if able to have within the code be able to have an automatic refresh on both websites after a period of time. eg 5min.

If anyone has an idea, or some code, or even something to try - happy to give it ago.

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