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[Solved] How to minimize a window via keyboard shortcut?

Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:49 pm


So I'm currently running a very minimal build of Raspbian Lite and Openbox, and I've tuned and customized it to my liking. I tend to zip around terminals and Chromium using the keyboard, but every time I actually want to minimize Chromium (so it's not always in the background of the terminals), I have to reach for the mouse (first world problem) and click the minimize button. What I really want is to press some buttons on my keyboard to do the same thing.

Do anyone around here know if this is something that's already implemented into Openbox or Raspbian Lite, or will I have to do the work myself? Considering ALT+TAB, and every other typical shortcut works, something tells me that there should be a shortcut to minimize current window?

Many thanks in advance, and happy Friday!

EDIT: Alright, so ALT+SPACE and then N works fine (in Chromium), but I would rather have a shorter shortcut, like ALT+H or something

UPDATE: Damn, I solved it! For anyone out there, running Openbox, wanting to minimize windows - all types of windows, then I've got the solution:

- sudo nano ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml
- Find the line "keybindings for windows"
- add this:

Code: Select all

<keybind key="A-h">
     <action name="Iconify"/>
- (A-h means ALT+H. Change it to whatever you like)
- Save and exit, and restart Openbox

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