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Raspian Stretch - Openbox+Chromium MimeType

Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:13 am


I hope i am right here with my Problem:

I have build a Script to start Chromium in Openbox with Tint2 - it should used for working at Home and build a connection to our Company via Citrix!

In Jessie, all went fine, worked like a charme, now i have upgraded to Stretch (building the Environment complete new) and now Chromium opens the .ica Files (Citrix start files) in Leafpad instead of Citrix Receiver...

I unterstand the difference between an desktop environment and Openbox - Chromium use here xdg-open to claim the mime-types...

What have i done?

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xdg-mime default wfica.desktop application/x-ica
no change! then i have created HOME/.local/share/applications/defaults.list with the correct binding, tried the solutions from here: https://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index. ... 45173.html

but nothing, Chromium opens the File in Leafpad... and now its going to be strange: if i start pcmanfm in the same session in openbox the .ica files have the correct binding and wenn i double click them, the Citrix App opens :shock:

Maybe its a bug in Stretch? As i said - in Jessie there was no problem, the correct binding was already there out of the box!

Perhaps anyone have an Idea what to do, or have that done already ;)

Sorry for my English, i am from Austria and i write not often in English :oops:

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